OTL201,Post 3


I teach a workshop face to face not online in a hospital setting.
Introductions and communication is providing a supportive learning environments.
I am collecting ideas for classroom activities that we can implement to our workshop

otl101,post 2

I was truly unaware of the amount of online courses available for students,etc.
It is difficult to assess critical thinking and that tools are needed to assess.
I do not have any questions
I do not teach online learning but I would suspect an example would be students asking questions or ask to clarify

otl101, post 1

I do not understand why I need to do these “courses”…I do not teach online, the only thing I do is read my emails and such…I hold a person to person workshop for MLA students only….

Hello my name is Leeann MacDonald and recently hired for OLFM MLA program

1.Favorite vacation spot- On a cruise ship!

2.Synopsis of last novel read- I am taking a transfusion medicine refresher course so learning lots about immunology,antigens and antibodies.

3.Most important characteristics of high quality is that functions properly and users are able to use it fairly easily.  Learning online can be difficult and if it isn’t straight forward and matching what you are being taught then this can cause barriers or difficulties.  One thing I have learned is that not everyone learns the same way and that you have to be able to adjust based on your students needs.  I have no questions about online teaching and learning at this time.